About Fulgens and Lucres

This November, PLS will kick off its 50-year anniversary with a full-scale production of Henry Medwall’s Fulgens and Lucres, the first play to be printed in English (1481). Fulgens, a semi-serious comedy about the nature of nobility (like Shakespeare, but rawer, rougher, zanier, and written 100 years earlier) was intended to be staged as the entertainment for a banquet. Just like the original producers did, we will mount our production of Fulgens and Lucres for feast-goers in a grand dining hall with live music by Pneuma Ensemble.

The opening performance will be a gala banquet in West Hall, University College, 15 Kings College Circle, on Saturday November 8, followed by a matinee on Sunday November 9. For the second weekend (November 14-16) we will move to the Luella Massey Studio Theatre, 4 Glen Morris Street, where there will be a more modest “banquet” setting.

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