Help us solve photo mysteries!

Board President David Klausner recently identified several details about this photo:

img001 by poculiludiques

It’s from PLS’s 1969 production of The Digby Mary Magdalene, featuring Curiosity played by Graham Whitehead and the Seven Deadly Sins played by Toronto Dance Theatre.

After adding Graham’s name, I discovered these costume sketches in the University College art collection. Nifty, eh?

(from University of Toronto Art Centre Collections)

(from UTAC)

(from University of Toronto Art Centre Collections)

(from UTAC)

Can you help us out with identifying some photos? Do you recognize the swashbuckling Robin Hood below (facing off with David Parry’s Friar Tuck)?

Another Robin and Friar from edition by poculiludiques

The play is Robin Hood and the Friar but the year is also unknown—unless you can help! Why not visit our online archive gallery and try your hand at identifying people and plays? Comments can be posted by signing in with a Yahoo, Facebook or Google account, or you can send feedback by contacting us directly.

—Katherine, PLS office manager


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5 Responses to Help us solve photo mysteries!

  1. skip shand

    Your Robin, fighting with David Parry, is surely Reed Needles.

    • Linda Phillips

      Looks like Reed Needles to me.

    • John Mayberry

      That Robin is certainly Reed Needles. In the background we also see (l. to r.) as Robin Hood’s men, Jamie Beaton, Allan Park (Little John), and Griff Bowles. This was at the Mariposa Folk Festival, but I will have to do some digging to determine the year. I must have been one of the Friar’s men in this iteration. We all shifted roles as needed for several years. Great memories.

  2. Thanks for your help, John, Linda and Skip! It would be great to know the year too, John, if it’s not too much trouble. It looks like David is outnumbered and the consensus on Robin’s identity is Reed Needles. Is it him in this photo too?

    Robin and Friar Tuck from edition by poculiludiques

  3. John Mayberry

    No, that is me as Robin Hood. No idea where or when. We did this play many times, over several years, in many different places. From the large signs I would posit a guess that it was at Kalamazoo, but I don’t know how to try to nail it down.