46. The Hostelers' Play: The Coronation of the Virgin

My angels that are bright and sheen,
With my message, take you the way.
Go to Mary, my mother clean,
That lady brighter than the day.
Greet her well when you are seen,
And to that maiden you shall say,
Of Heaven she's my chosen queen,
In joy and bliss that shall last for aye.

I will tell you what I have thought,
And why to her you now shall wend:
I want her body to me brought,
To bide in bliss without an end.

From her did come my flesh and bone,
And thus, an unkind thing it is,
That she should live there all alone,
When I am here so high in bliss.

And now to her, I send you forth,
Full friendly for to fetch her here.
There is nothing I love more,
Than that in bliss we may be near.

Oh blissful Lord, now most in might,
We are ready with all our might,
Your bidding to fulfill.
We'll fetch your mother, that maiden free,
Chosen chief of chastity,
Just as it is your will.

Of this message, we are full fain.
We are ready with might and main,
Both by day and night.
Heaven and earth now glad may be,
That noble nurturer now to see,
In whom you did alight.

Lord Jesus Christ, our governor,
We are all bound by your bidding.
With joy and bliss and great honour,
We shall to you your mother bring.

Hail, oh daughter of holy Anne,
Who did conceive through the Holy Ghost;
You brought forth both God and man,
Who then destroyed the fiend's black boast.

Hail, root of Jesse's branch, who brought
That blessed flower, our Saviour;
Who first made mankind out of naught,
And brought him up to heaven's tower.

Of you alone, he would be born,
Into this world of wretchedness;
To save mankind, who were forlorn,
And bring them out of great distress.

You may be glad, both day and night,
To see your Son, our Saviour;
He'll crown you now, oh Lady bright,
You blessed mother and flower fair.

Mary, mother and maiden clean,
Chosen chiefly by your child;
Of heaven and earth, you are the queen,
Come up now, Lady, meek and mild.

Your son has sent us after thee,
To bring you now into his bliss;
You shall abide there blessedly,
For joy and mirth you shall not miss.

For, in his bliss without an end,
You shall every solace see;
Your life in liking you shall spend,
With your dear Son in trinity.

Ah, blessed be God the Father's command;
He knows Himself what's best to do.
I thank him with my heart and hand,
That thus his bliss he'd take me to.

And also you, his angels bright,
That from my son, to me are sent.
I am ready with all my might,
To carry out this commandment.

Now we go, oh worthy one,
Up to your Son, who is so sweet.
We bring you into the sight of your son,
To crown you Queen, before his seat.

All heaven and earth shall worship thee,
And mildly be at your bidding;
Your joy shall ever increased be;
Of special solace you shall sing.

[They sing]

Jesus, lord and heaven's king,
Here is your mother, for whom you sent.
We have brought her, at your bidding,
Take her to yourself, as was your intent.

Jesus my son, beloved you must be:
I thank you heartily in my thought,
That this way is ordained for me,
And to this bliss you have me brought.

Hail, oh Mary, maiden bright:
You are my mother, and I your son;
With grace and goodness, ever in light,
You'll dwell with me, for bliss you've won.

Now you shall have that which I cite;
The time has passed, of all your care;
You shall be worshipped by angels bright;
You'll never know annoyance there.

Jesus my son, beloved you must be:
I thank you heartily in my thought,
That you this way ordained for me,
And to this bliss you have me brought.

Come forth with me, my mother bright,
Into my bliss we shall ascend,
To dwell in wealth, you worthy light,
That nevermore shall have an end.

Your pains, dear mother, to name them now,
Are turned to joy; and true it is,
To you all angels bright shall bow,
And worship you full well, like this.
For great joy, mother, you did know,
When Gabriel greeted you well by this,
And told you truly when and how,
You would conceive the king of bliss.

Now maiden meek, and mother mine,
For you it was great mirth to see,
That I within your womb should lie,
Through greeting of an angel free.
The second joy, mother, was the sign,
That free of pain, you did bear me.
The third, when after my bitter pain,
From death, alive you saw me to be.

The fourth was when I rose up right,
To heaven, to my father dear.
My mother, when you saw that sight,
It was for you a solace clear.
This is the fifth, oh shining light,
Of all the joys, this has no peer.
Now you shall bide in bliss so bright,
Forever and ever, I place you here.

For you are chief of chastity,
Of every woman born, the flower.
Now lady, you shall bide with me,
In bliss that shall ever endure.
Full high on height in majesty,
With all worship and all honour,
Where we shall ever together be,
Abiding in our perfect bower.

Every known sweetness is therein,
That man may think upon, or wife;
With joy and bliss that never grow thin,
There shall you, lady, lead your life.

You shall be worshipped with honours,
In heaven's bliss that is so bright;
With martyrs and with confessors,
With every virgin, oh worthy light.
Before all other creatures,
I shall give you grace and might,
In heaven and earth to send succours,
To all that serve you, day and night.

I'll grant them grace with all my might,
Through the asking of your prayer.
Whoever shall call you, day or night,
In whatsoever distress they are.

You are my life and my heart's bliss,
My mother and my maiden sheen.
My dear darling, receive now this:
Where I am king, you shall be queen.

My angels bright, a song now sing,
In honour of my mother dear;
And here I give you my blessing:
Holy now, all who are here.

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