43. The Potters' Play: Pentecost

Brothers, give heed now to my dream:
Then with stability we'll understand.
To heaven our master has gone on a beam,
To rest there on his father's right hand.
Alive we are left, an eleven-man team,
To teach his laws true to this land.
But we must be even in number, I deem,
Or else our work will worthless stand.
We need a new number, it is not fit,
Ourselves "eleven" for to call.
Twelve may be asunder split,
And divided into teams equal.

Our Lord commanded us, more and less,
To live our lives just as he led.
He bade us preach, and bear witness
That he redeems both quick and dead.
In him, the prophets' proofs express
That all who trust in his godhead
Of sins shall have forgiveness.
So we say to unlearned and well-read.
And since we in this way
His counsel convey,
We must be sure that we say
Each the same that he said.

Alone he said that each should wend
In all this world, his will to work
And by his counsels being kenned
He said he'd make a holy kirk;
But first, he said he would us send
His messenger, that we right work -
His holy ghost, on us to lend,
To make us masters of matters dark.
Recall: he said to us,
When his ascent we saw,
"Cum venerit paracletus
Docebit vos omnia."

Yes, certainly, he told us so,
And many other things we deem:
"Nisi ego abiero,"
He would say often us between.
He said, I swear, "Unless I go,
The holy ghost shall not be seen;
Et cum assumptis fuero,
Then I shall send you comfort clean."
Thus he told what we must,
And how our deeds we should unfold;
So shall we truly trust,
He will fulfill what he's foretold.

He promised us from harm to hide,
To hold in health both head and hand.
Consider what he said that tide:
From all our foes he shall defend.
But thus in bale, behold we bide,
Until that messenger he send:
By Jews beset on every side,
So we may neither walk nor wend.

We dare not walk indeed,
Ere comfort comes to fill.
Our hope in time of need,
Is just to sit stock-still.

Brothers, why among yourselves
Do you make mourning constantly?
My son, who is the well of wealth,
Commanded you, "work zealously."
For this day is day ten, to tell,
Since he said we would favour feel.
Leave off sad language, do not dwell
On fear which is never real.
But pray with heart and hand,
That we his help may have;
Soon he shall it send:
The message that will save.

Hark master; for Mahound's sweet pain,
How these mobsters madden now.
Their master, whom our men have slain,
Makes them believe his tales somehow.

This scoundrel says he lives again:
That matter may they never vow,
For as they heard his preaching plain:
He was away; they know not how.

They don't know where he went,
Therefore they fail in full;
Yet they say, shall be sent
Great help through his counsel.

He'll send them neither cloth not clout;
He was nothing but a wretch alway.
But call our men and make a shout,
So yonder fools we can best flay.

Nay, nay, they will die for this doubt.
I want no uproar made today.
But quietly wait - they will come out -
We'll mar them then, if we may.
Certainly, I assent to your will.
Yet, I wish they didn't know.
Those churls then, we shall kill,
Unless they live as we allow.

[An angel is then to sing "Veni Creator Spiritus" 	[later hand]]

Honour and bliss be ever new,
With worship in this world alway
To my sovereign son, Jesu.
Our lord alone, shall last for aye.
Now we may trust his tales are true,
By deeds that here are done today;
As long as you his paths pursue
From fiends he defends, in fierce affray
For his high Holy Ghost,
On you he does send.
Taste mirth and truth most,
And sins amend.

All wrongs to mend, now we have might,
This is the mirth our master meant.
I could not look, it was so bright!
Oh, praise the Lord that this has lent!
Now he fulfills his promise right:
To us, his Holy Ghost  he's sent.
Just like the sun, it seemed in sight,
And suddenly, then it was sent.

It was sent for our weal,
To give joy and make well.
Its force I can feel:
I could fell folk full fell.

We have force now to fight in the field,
And favour of all folk in here.
With wisdom in this world to wield,
By knowing of all clergy clear.

Our strength is our virtue revealed,
And each language, we know it to hear.
To that Lord we ought promptly to yield;
He has cared for us mightily here.

"This is the year of grace;"
That manifests among
The angels in this place,
Who say thus in their song.

PETER:  In their singing they said thus
And told this tale between them so:
"Veni creator spiritus
Mentes tuorum visita."
They prayed the spirit come to us
And mend our mind with this mirth low
That they learned of our Lord Jesus,
For he said that it should be so.

He said he should us send
His Holy Ghost from heaven
Our minds with mirth to mend
Now all he said is given.

Just as he said that it would come,
So was it showed unto our sight:
"Tristicia implevit cor vestrum."
First sorrow filled our hearts' dark night;
"Sed convertitur in gaudium."
Then he said we would be light.
Now, what he promised, all and sum,
Is true among us, through his might.

His might with main and mood,
May comfort all mankind.

Hark, by Mahound's sweet blood,
These men have lost their mind!

They carp the cant of every country
And learn the language of every land

They speak our speech as well as we
And in each need, they understand

And aren't they all from Galilee,
That take this hardiness in hand?
They must be drunk, this company,
On new-brewed wine, I take my stand.

Now certainly, that was well-said:
Wine makes all their minds to mar;
Yonder traitors should be flayed,
Before they fly so very far.

Hark brother, now wait well about,
For over there we find no friend.
The Jews with strength are stern and stout,
And they are ready us to rend.

Our master has put all perils out;
Against the fiend's falsehood he'll defend.
Go to your doors, and have no doubt,
To yonder warlocks we will wend.

To fear we have no need;
We won't avoid our debt.
From naming all his creed,
We'll not be stopped by threat.

You Jews, that in Jerusalem dwell,
Your tales are false, as you shall find.
That we are drunk, we hear you tell,
Because, you think, we've lately pined.
A prophet proved, whose name was Joel,
A gentle Jew, of your own kind:
He speaks thus in his special spell,
And of this matter tells his mind:
For he did prophesy - 
Foretold this far before -
This, you cannot deny,
Consider this, therefore:
"Et erit in novissimus diebus, dicit dominus,
effundam de spiritu meo super omnem carnem."

Listen wretches, thus you hear
How your elders wrote alway
The Holy Ghost we've taken here
Just as your own prophets say.

It's through the might of our master dear
That all we do is done today.
He gives us might and power clear
To counter all that you can say.

These men have greater might
Through what today they've known.

Let's get us out of sight
And let them be alone.

Now, my brothers, we all must go
To teach the faith to foe and friend.
Our tarrying may lead to woe;
And therefore, I suggest we wend
To our lady, ere we go.

With loving words, we'll to her tend.
My lady, take it not as blow:
I may no more with you life spend.

Now Peter, since it must be so,
That you are going diverse ways,
You will not come to any woe,
As long as Jesus with you stays.
But John and James, my cousins two,
Look you are not too long away.

In weal and woe, your will we do,
Or we do wrong:  just as you say.

Lady, this will be done;
At your bidding are we.

The blessing of my son
Be with both you and me.

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