Director’s Note

From a directorial point of view, the Chester Mystery Plays don’t always reveal themselves immediately off the page. Chester plays can seem plodding and more pedagogical than entertaining at times. I’m not quite certain what went through our young cast members’ minds when we did our first read-thru: some had never encountered non-Shakespearean early modern drama before! Yet through their hard work, talent and generous creativity, this cast has explored the three plays that make up the Nativity sequence we have called To Seek A Child and discovered the plays reveal, in a sophisticated yet subtle way, the voyage of the human spiritual quest. Our cast members have strived to reach inside these subtle characters to create a play world of joy, comic humanity, despair, yet ultimately faith and hope. I trust you will join me in celebrating the accomplishments of this talented cast, who offer you a lively and thoughtful allegory of life’s journey.

Thank you to the production team and especially Linda and Katherine who have made up the supportive backbone of this project.

Kimberley Radmacher

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