Pneuma Ensemble’s ‘Problematic Men’

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Welcome to the twelfth century, where everyone is noble, wise and good. Except these guys…

Poculi Ludique Societas & Pneuma Ensemble present:

Problematic Men

Babio, an elegiac comedy

Samson dux fortissime, a lai/sequence/planctus



In this performance Pneuma Ensemble takes the moral high ground and introduces two twelfth century “negative exemplars”—characters who showed audiences how not to behave. We will meet Babio, a vile old priest in hot pursuit of his stepdaughter and Samson, the original strong-but-dumb hero. Performed in the original Latin, with supertitles, mime, mask, and period-appropriate instruments.


  • Saturday, November 16 at 8pm
  • Sunday, November 17 at 2pm


Luella Massey Studio Theatre, 4 Glen Morris St, Toronto


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