Fulgens and Lucres Cast and Crew

Co-production of Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies and Poculi Ludique Societas

Production Team

Linda Phillips – Artistic Director
Kimberly Radmacher – Production Manager
Matthew Sergi – Director
Ara Glenn-Johanson – Choreographer
Dawn Nearing – Stage Manager
Music by Pneuma Ensemble


face-spotlights-chris     Chris Tsjujiuchi as Joan
face-spotlights-cass     Cassidy Sadler as Lucres
face-spotlights-catt     Catt Filippov as B
face-spotlights-marl     Marlow Stainfield as Cornelius
face-spotlights-don     Don Johanson as Fulgens
face-spotlights-lauren     Lauren Shepherd as A
face-spotlights-aust     Austin Leggett as Gaius



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  1. Where is West Hall, performance site for your first production? Could you put directions on the website?

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